Making a Blueprint Product Configurator (Missing download files)

Hi, I am new to UE4 and so I started on the learning section. I am currently going through the “Exploring blueprints” and in the course “Making a blueprint product configurator” the download files are missing. I followed the instructions of going to but the page doesn’t exist.

Now, completing the course has not been an issue, but I would have liked to have built the project along with the course, and keep it as a resource reminder, especially in the early days of learning, where reading and programming nodes is not second nature!

Hi Tipperty, it sounds like you’re having a problem with an Online Learning course. For help with that, you should post in the Unreal Online Learning Feedback sub-forum. I recommend re-posting your question there. I wish I could help you myself, but I have no direct access to their content.

Okay, I will do!