making a 3d radar

I’m trying to figure out how to take the xyz cords or objects in the game and place a dot in a smaller sphere(the radar) I found tutorials on mini maps … placing a camera over head and only displaying certain things…

what its for is a space game(the reason for 3d radar instead of 2d minimap) so when the ship rotates … the radar will rotate also.

I’m welcome to any idea … even ditching my placing dots inside a sphere

the top left one.
a 3d sphere with a plain though the center to display the horizon and north with the arrow.
I’m using a cature2d to display it on a umg widget

OK so.

Not an expert, but start perusing this at least:

Using a multicast, you probably could either make a shape, or spin a raycast around, to get a list of objects.

Then, probably using an array of some sort, you could build an object list, that you would then feed into the render code - subtract your position from the objects’ position to get a relative position, then divide the vector by a factor so that it would fit into your radar, and then add the “center dot” of the radar as a coordinate before telling your render code to add a dot at that location.

Does that make sense?

Yes I was thinking of using a raycast. How resource heavy is it