Making 2d game in UE4 series

Hey everyone;
As most of you know that I was making this series from a while now. I was planning to publish all the videos at one, but my poor computer is running out of space, and that cause me other problems and lag. I’m recording and publishing 1440p, and that is the reason behind the massive space I’m loosing. Anyway, here is the the first half od the seies, and once I finish editing & uploading the other half, I will Update this first post. Thanks for your waiting , And I hope you enjoy watching :slight_smile:

005 - Making “Braid” P1/13 - Intro to the project

**006 - Making “Braid” P2/13 - Sprites & Animations **

**007 - Making “Braid” P3/13 - Building The Level **

**008 - Making “Braid” P4/13 - Player Controller **

**009 - Making “Braid” P5/13 - Enemies P.1 [Claw] **

**010 - Making “Braid” P6/13 - Enemies P.2 [Monster] **

**011 - Making “Braid” P7/13 - Gameplay Logic [Rewinding] **

006 - Making “Braid” P2/13 - Sprites & Animations

007 - Making “Braid” P3/13 - Building The Level

008 - Making “Braid” P4/13 - Player Controller

009 - Making “Braid” P5/13 - Enemies P.1 [Claw]

010 - Making “Braid” P6/13 - Enemies P.2 [Monster]

Hi mamoniem,

Very cool, thanks for making these videos!

How are you finding Paper2D so far? There’s a trello board and a thread about future development work if you are interested. For making sprites quickly, you can right-click on a texture in the content browser and choose ‘Create sprite’, though you’d still have to then edit them to slice individual sprites out of the asset. In the future I’d like to have a nice quick tool for deconstructing atlases (e.g., just box select and type a name to make a new sprite).

For future videos/tutorials I might suggest using freely available artwork instead of ripped assets. Check out Kenney’s site which has a bunch of nice platformer tiles and sprites placed in the public domain (partially thanks to the open game art bundle done by

Michael Noland

011 - Making “Braid” P7 - Gameplay Logic [Rewinding]

Hi Micheal;

Thanks for asking me about my experience. In fact I used to work with in a 3d work flow for so many years. but I started to work in 2d games in the last ~4 years. In this short period of time I had experienced lots of tools, engines and techniques. So, I can tell you what exactly I’m missing with paper2d:

  • an atlas tool (as you mentioned it) and it will be more efficient if the user can select several images and build an atlas (convert sprites to one atlas) for a better organizing (atlas builder)
  • to be able to see the sprites in the sprite editor, also in the animation editor.
  • in animation editor, I really loved it. but selecting an atlas and a sprite per frame is tedious and time consuming. So it is better if i can say this animation clip using 10 frames, then I can fill this 10 frames by dragging and droping from the asset browser into the horizontal down area in the flipbook editor [the area which contain the small boxes representing the frames)
  • some times the flip book actor is not appearing the viewport ( it might be a mac issue, as it is not a user friendly computer when it comes to developing games, I’m suing the best iMac exist now, and the engine keep lagging, when I switch to bootcamp windows on the same iMac, The engine is fine !!!)
  • changing the pivot via code/blueprint is something essential for a 2d game.
  • control the animation speed via code/blueprint [the frame rate], I can find only control the playing status.
  • Layering system to make 2d development more organized. So, a user can keep each element in a specific depth but putting it in it’s own layer.
  • Switching animations always give a one or two frames black in-between. I didn’t check the C++ code, but I think it is managed by switching the show/hide between different animated sprites

All that to make it better and better. But it doesn’t mean it is a bad tool. It is amazing tool, and one of the best. And I managed to make an entire working level with it & it proved it’s efficiency. Specially when it comes to make a sprite using an atlas image, and the sprite editor shows me a group of all other sprites which built with the same atlas image :slight_smile: Thanks for making this nice tool !

And I will try to follow with the board indeed. I’m a big Trello user :smiley: so, it is in my bookmarks now :wink:

The core reason behind making this series is showing ppl how to make 2d game within the engine. the second reason was how to make complex mechanics like the one in the 7th episode of this series [rewinding the gameplay data, the 7th in the series and 11th in general]. But it was my mistake to not upload the intro video yet which explain the goals and why we are going to make level from Braid:) Any way, I used abitbucket repo as I do with all my stuff. and I never planned to put it in public as some assets (40%) is not from the open source collection in David’s blog. But I asked Jonathan blow if I can put the project in public and sent him the youtube link, and he accepted (you can see it, it is in Twitter). so, I think I’m still in the safe side helping ppl, and the materials accepted by the owner] :slight_smile: and I mentioned that in the repo home page.

have an Epic day :wink:

Thank you for this great Tutorial man! Maximum respect!

I’ll check it in a few day and give you feedback (or more likely my noob-questions :smiley: )

looks very nice. Right now I’m flooded with tutorials, but surely will watch yours too eventually :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: Will update someday in the near future with the new tutorials. Just busy in my launching!

How to fix the Paper2D blinking issue while switching animations.

Hello. I’m too making 2D Sprite platformer game, you can see it here
Well) I need some advice or help with a few things . May be someone can help)
1 - If I’m creating an enemy (flipbook) I need to attach a trigger to it, and by pressing F button, that flipbook need to change to another(ex. dying flipbook). I’ve tried to do this at blueprints, but not succeed.
2 - Flipbook obstacles(ex. spike) when character get into it,he shall die(“respawning if” i think), but I haven’t find any example of blueprint like that.I tried to do it by my own,but not succeed,Could anyone help?)

Howdy TEENklez,

Unfortunately your video is set to private.

Thanks and have a great day!

Sorry, I changed that.Now you can see.

hey, I download your project file .But in 4.1.0 and 4.2.1 your project both don’t work well. What’s your version of UE 4 ?

Nice work man, we hope you will continue with this tutorials.