Makin' A Metriodvania type game


I’m trying to make a Metroidvania type prototype game. So far I’ve gotten a Prototype camera running, the Character’s Main attack and Sub attack, And a Working HUD.

(Forgive the quality for it is the First time I uploaded a video on Youtube)

The Idea originated when I wanted to make a fan game Of Koumajou Densetsu, Which is a Doujin game that mix Touhou Project and Castlevaina. I wanted to add some more element to it but I’m not sure if i wanted some RPG Elements or something more Metroid like. I might change the Idea toward something different or original.

So Far everything was done with Blueprint.

The Weapon is the Players Main attack while the Projectile are Sub attacks.

For the HUD I’m borrowing an Image for the player portrait and the health/Mp bar I borrow from the Content example.

The Camera System is pretty Simple

What I did is have the Some of the Volume Triggers as My Y and Z Axis Camera movement activation.

In the Level Blueprint I have a Player Camera, Which is in level, set up as the player camera.

When Ever the player Activate The Volume Trigger, while He is inside it the trigger the camera will follow the player base on axis he is moving

When ever the Player is going into a different room, it would transient the Player Camera to that room. Its not smoothly interping as I wanted to happen though, But I’ll Figure that out later.

Right now I’m working on figuring out the fun factor of it.

Update : Going toward Touhou Metriodvania (Not Koumajou Densetsu)

Currently doing:

Enemys Respawns
Item pickup
Inventory System
Character Health /MP/ Level Statisics
Accessory System
MiniMap/ Map system
Level building

Awesome, and its great to see the blueprint setup :smiley:

Cool, I’m also prototyping a metroidvania-like game (more skewed towards metroid-exploration aspect), I like what you’re doing with the camera!

Very nice! I’ve been trying to work out the camera for a project like this for awhile now, great job so far.


I have and I dea of what I want to make. It not Koumajou densetsu, but it’ll be Touhou fan made and its Metroidvania. I’m Going towards of having Role playing elements.

Anyways I’ve been fooling around with making the Test map:
I like that I’m cutting up room with just the subtractive box brush on a Additive one which make the building of a level go by faster. Although I don’t want to get myself to far ahead without a plan of what the objective is.
I’m making the room have large space because I want to have unlimited Flying as one of the players abilities. I’m not sure if I want to give it to them now or give it to them later in the game.

The Them I’m going with is a cave mountain with Ice and fire borrowing some assets from Epic’s Elemental and Effects Cave. the Enemy and characters I’m gonna make myself.

Also I did some more work with the Camera.

If ya’ll were working on your own metroidvania game and been using my camera system as reference you’ll notice that the moment the player collision touched the Trigger the camera jerk toward the player or when leaving the Trigger it stops Early.

I’ll try my best to explain What I did.

What I did this time to mitigate or the stop doing that is I grabbed the reference of the box that the trigger Volume that the player is going to touch and tell it that whenever the player Location is either Greater than or Equal to it far Highest bounds or Lesser than to Equal to its far lower Bound use the Camera Location otherwise use the . Each trigger is either a Y axis Control or Z axis Control so when ever that player touched the volume It will not follow the player until he is haft way in.

Upon leaving the box where there is no active Axis Camera I use a VInterp to get the camera to that location whitch current The Camera and the Target the Camera Xaxis Y and Z Bound Box Axis (Y’s Y axis and Z’s Z Axis) it also Trigger a do once Set Timer to Reset the Bound Box Y and Z to NULL that way will won’t Carry the info the previous box. Say if you have a case where the player overlays the Y Axis trigger box then leave the box and the room to another room with only the Z axis When you Enter and Leave the Z axis the Camera will also snap to the last info of Y axis.

I’ve been messing with something like this setup for awhile, trying a lot of ways to get a smooth solid metroid type camera going and had the same issues you were facing, really looking forward to trying the new setup out as I am curious how it works.


I updated the camera transition. Now I only need to use a Blueprint Actor to make camera room transitions.

Normally the BP script was in a Level Blueprint but it is now in it own BP. What the RoomBP does is whenever you touch the room Enerance Collision you will switch camera views to that room. I not very good a explaining things but you can take a look at the BP I’m going to share with ya’ll.


I did something differently this time. I went 2D instead of 3D Just for learning how to use sprites and Unreal’s Flipbook. I used a sprite sheet I found online and used it for the learning purpose.

I used Zack’s Tutorial just as a learning point build the animations from there.

The sprite sheet had alot of smooth animations and I was having a difficult time figuring out how to transition one flipbook to the next, but I was able to do so by using the Character Sprite and comparing if the Playback Position is less than or equal to the Filpbook length in seconds minus a threshhold. I did not find anything that stops the flipbook’s animation so I used that method to make the transition.

The Camera system is still the same one I used on the 3D Version.

Awesome…there’s a few of these WIP metroidvania games going on here on the forums…The Great Art helps this one stand out…Great job…

Howdy again.

Nothing new But I just added Networking to the project. I only did this just so if I desided to have mutiplayer.

However I’m having issue when the server side would not get any animation replicaion change from client. but the client is. I’m trying to figure out if this is a Sprite problem or there is something that I’m forgetting to add in.

Both the 3d and 2d look great! Which have you found easier to work with? I’m tempted to try the 2d version but haven’t found a decent tutorial on it yet.

Good Question.

Both the 3D and 2D didn’t matter to me. They both worked fine. it just came down to what I want to learn next. I wanted to know how to uses sprites and flipbook so I switch from 3D to 2D to do just that. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to go back on 3D. heck I might use both.

As I do fine 2D More simpler to use, I do find 3D more a bit more easier because of the use of assets.

I’ve had an easy time of using the 3d for my game/prototype as well. I’ve always wanted to do a classic 2d platformer as well. Maybe recreate an old favorite game for fun. You mentions someone’s tutorial on the 2d? Was the one posted on the Unreal frontpage a little while ago? (I haven’t watched it yet)

Sorry that I’m replying to an old post but I want to point out that I’ve made a tutorial on how to do the Metroidvania camera system.

How to make a Metroidvania Camera System

Oh wow, I had completely forgotten about this! Thanks for the link I will definitely check it out for future reference