Is the make Human program really a decent place to start for models for UE4 and if so how do I get a skeleton rig for Makehuman that matches up with some of the ones already being used by UE templates cause me and blender are not having a good time together lol.

Well, you can use makehuman to autorig clothes. However, getting clothes into makehuman is complicated, and if you’re already having issues with blender, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to do that.

Click “Pose/Animate” tab, slect “Uengine” skeleton from the list and see if that one works.

Then export into blender as *.mhx2 with cm scale and export from blender as fbx.

Or just export as *.dae and see if you can convert that to fbx with autodesk fbx converter.

if im honest, when it comes to starting off making characters for Ue4, i will say, just make a basic character mode, Rigg it and get it moving, that way you can cover your animations and start developing mechanics faster… Then you can design and build your character around the mechanics…
I suggest using Make human to give your self a base mesh, then use the blender .mhx importer to move over to Blender which will give you allot more freedom to move forward with.
But Never use a preset rigg build around rotation’s, IK’s make animations significantly faster and look allot smother in the end

Ok I will give these ideas a try and see what I can come up with… Thank you for your input.

Grab this while you can:

Yo can create a Mixamo account (well adobe account now), and import the makehuman model to the autorig tool. Then download from there the model rigged for ue4 skeleton.
The services are free for a while.
however, if your goal is learn to rig a mesh and animate it, this is not a solution.

To OP: If you need any help getting your MakeHuman models into Blender and animating, I’ll be glad to help you. It’s pretty easy after you’ve made your first animation.

You can make a makehuman character work with ue4 rig since makehuman has ue4 rig option. This vid goes through the whole process:

Mixamo fuse autorigged characters come in T pose, but ue4 hero is in A pose. This can make retargeting quite painful, but it can be done. Make your own choice.

This would work from a technical side but would produce an incompatible export from a legal sight because mhx2 is no official part of MakeHuman. That means the export is not covered by the CC0 but by the AGPL ( • View topic - Verv 1.1 release). Actually it seems like MH-makers would not start a legal war against you because of that but if you would avoid greyzones then don’t use mhx2. UE4 eula does not allow stuff that forces it into Copyleft and AGPL stuff (which is even more viral then GPL in that case) does not really allow the opposit.

Checked out your links and you appear to be correct.

I gotta say that this is ridiculous (even more ridiculous than their crusade against perspective camera) and also it appears to be intentional move from makehuman team, not an accident.

Anyway. There are few ways around it:

  • it might make sense to try to create your own base meshes and targets (high cost, time consuming) and use them in makehuman. That would work because in that case makehuman output will no longer be covered by AGPL. Bonus points if someone actually manages to pull this off AND releases that under permissive license (mit, FreeBSD, etc).
  • Use *.dae or *.fbx for format exchange and write some script that sets up rigify-like rig on imported makehuman model. *.dae and *.fbx will be CC0 licensed.

Another thing is that the whole makehuman license looks like a big mess to me. Normally GPLed programs do not infect their output with GPL, but makehuman does exactly that. It IS possible that with decent lawyer the thing will not hold in the court.

Aside from that there’s always Daz and Poser, if you have the cash and can stand their UI.

P.S. I really hate it when people get some great idea, implement it, and then screw the whole thing up because of some ideological reasons, like in this case.