makehuman skeleton looks completely messed up

I’m trying to import an animation from MakeHuman(nightly build) into unreal, and I end up with pretty scary results. The model is completely messed up.
Basically, in MakeHuman, I create my model, then I go to Pose/Animate, and select Uengine rig.
Then, I export the animation as a FBX file and import into unreal engine.
When I drag the skeletal mesh into the world, it looks fine. Just like it looked in makehuman.
But when I try to look at other files, like the physics asset, or when I try to add animation to it, it comes completely messed up and scary, like this:

I’m a complete beginner at this, so I must be doing something horribly wrong.
Any info on this would be appreciated.

default rig is too complicated.Install nightly build and use UE4 rig. and there is soo many tutorials in this forum and sites (like mines)

Last nightly I checked (a while ago now) the FBX exporter wasn’t working properly. Has it been fixed now?
I looked at the bug list every now and then, but it was never cleared.

edit: here is the bug I was following

i have noticed over the last few months issues with using MH “Uengine” rig , the main thing atm is finding a version that works check this video UE4 MakeHuman 472 a - YouTube

tbh i don’t use MH so i checked it just to help others looking for a free option, there is also a thread some where with a link to the version i used. so the bottom line atm if it doesn’t work correctly theres a good chance that its MH’s fault and not UE4. the only option you have atm is to dig around to find a version that works or get in touch with the MH creators

You are true.Export .dae (collada) and comvert it to fbx (with blender or other programs) i am doing this right now