Makehuman model animation retargeting issue

whats up with these hands and how to fix?


It looks like the skinning of the character hasn’t been done properly. If that’s indeed the case, there isn’t an easy way to “fix” it. You would have to open it in a 3D package of your choice (Maya, Max, Blender, et cetera) and paint the skin weights correctly.

Your issue should be easy to fix if you change from “Animation” to “Skeleton” if you “Show advanced options” in the skeleton tree of persona. Example of retargeting a MH skeleton: - In short: Change all those pulldowns to “Skeleton” (you could do this recursive via right mousebutton) except root bone and pelvis bone (and all IK bones if you use some). You would have to fix A-Pose and add some twist bones to make the result better.