Makehuman + mixamo = weird animations

I exported a character from mahemuman as fbx and uploaded to mixamo. Everything shows up well there, but when I import to the engine, it seems that the animations miss some pivot point. Is that called having no root bone or something?
I downloaded the Uerig for makehuman, but it won’t show up in the rig tab. There is only “game engine” rig.

Exporting as obj and then setting a skeleton in mixamo won’t work because obj seems to have only 1 material slot, while the model has slots for clothes, eyes, hair, etc.
Is makehuman a piece of crap for UE?

I uploaded it with stl and something like that and all good

How did you fix this? I’m running into the same problem.

  1. Export as obj
  2. Put obj, textures , mtl in a zip folder
  3. Upload to mixamo
  4. Download the t-pose from mixamo (with skin)
  5. Import into engine.
    This way I had appropriate amount of slots, then i importer textures and applied to the model (you will have to play around with eyes/brows)

Edit, it doesn’t solve the problem. The problem is probably in a bad export as makehuman is laggy, thats why there are no slots. I re exported it and now slots are in place