MakeHuman -> Blender -> UE4 PHAT spasm


I’m having trouble getting the Physics Asset to work correctly for a Make Human rig imported from Blender.

I’ve tried various methods shown online but nothing seems to work and I can’t actually find anyone with the same issue as mine (although some are similar).

I was wondering if anyone could watch this video and tell me what they think it might be:

I’ve tried getting rid of the smaller bodies, scaling down overlapping bodies, applying scale in blender, using the same settings in blender and UE4 as shown in various tutorials and it always ends up looking like this.

It kind of looks maybe like the skeleton is too small for the mesh in the way that it all collapses in on itself but i’ve checked in blender and it all seems fine, and given that the physics asset bodies generated look right, I wouldn’t think that’s the case (Could be wrong on that though). I’ve tried with zero modifications from makehuman->blender->ue4 and it still comes out the same.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?


Usually when crazy stuff like that happens there is a parenting issue in the armature. Can you supply the fbx file and I’ll look at it in blender?

link text

It does look pretty crazy when I bring the fbx back into blender actually. I’ll see what I can do while I await your response! Thank you!

Wow, the rig looks like a transformer. I dont use make human, was this a preset?

how were you going to implement this in unreal? I can skin the rig that comes with blender pretty quickly if you just needed a rigged model. I wont make any IK constraints or anything just a quick simple rig til you get your process figured out. If it works for you I can show you how to do that. Email me at @gmail. and ill email you the fbx file

Yeah this is a standard export from makehuman. I’m thinking of just rigging the model myself for the ragdoll since it’s caused me so many issues. I do know how to create a basic rig, thanks for the offer though. The only reason I liked using make human was all the helper gizmos etc that come with it and make it much easier to do animations. but I can just rig the ragdoll bit separately I guess. Thanks