Makehuman animation problem in UE4


I got most animations to work fine, however a few like rolling don’t work.

This is how it is supposed to look:

This is how it looks with the mesh:

In both images they use the same skeleton.

All other animations pretty much look exactly the same except climbing a ladder which is also messed up, I assume once I fix the rolling the ladder animation will also be fixed.

How do I fix this?

No idea with that tiny gif. I can’t even tell what direction the animation is flipped in.
The arms and bits Appear to be somewhat correct, so maybe it’s a root motion animation and the root bone is the problem?

Maybe, how would I go about fixing that? Just retarget them?

Setting the re-target setting for the root bone to Animation may do it.

Its hard to know for sure, but it does seem likely that the root bone orientation is the issue.

They both use the same skeleton though so I don’t think that can be the problem.

It can if the re-targeting option is set to skeleton and the animation is moving the bone.

to be clear, it has nothing to do with retargeting and everything to do with the settings of each bone as defined within the skeleton.

It looks like the animations are rotated upside down as can be seen here:

But it is only happening with 3-4 animations.

Sort of makes sense no?
if your root bone is supposed to be upside down but cannot be, then the rest of the bones will be upside up instead of where they need to be?
makes sense in my head anyway.

Just open the skeleton, show retargeting options, and see what settings your root has.

It is set to animation but when I change it to skeleton it just throws the character in the floor when I play and the animations are still sideways.

It should be set to animation. And possibly the same for the Pelvis?

Thats really your 2 anchor points. the pelvis can often move freely from root. And is the core root of the skeleton without IK.…w?usp=drivesdk

It is still messed up.

Try the various options? Animation scaled perhaps?
also, the settings on the animation itself if it uses root motion could be an issue.

To determine if the animation uses root motion select the root bone and see if it moves around during playback.

Also, how are you doing this exactly? Mening, are you just changing preview mesh within the animation, or did you copy and paste the animation?
changing preview mesh would not cause any setting to change. A copy/paste would.

Using the same skeleton with a different mesh doesn’t require duplication of the animations, so theoretically if you open the one that works and change preview mesh it should also just work.

What do you mean copy/paste? I use the same skeleton and it is only messed up on the created character, on the default mannequin, when I change to that in the preview mesh it works completely fine but when I change to the custom mesh again it gets messed up again.

If you are using the preview mesh function from the same animation, then the mesh is at fault.
likely the same issue, one of the bones is mapped as flipped within it. Likely the root.

Compare between the export of a mannequin and the skeleton inside the mesh you are importing.

Since the weight paint is otherwise ok, all you really need to do is correct the bone orientation and re-export/import the mesh to get it to work.

How do I flip the bone that is rotated? I followed this tutorial:

I can export it to Blender but I am not sure what that would change and even how to change it.

I found out that if I rotate the root bone in the animation asset that the character does roll correctly, I don’t know a way to apply this though.

In blender, open it up, tab into Edit Mode for the armature, select the bone that gives you the problem and rotate it however you need.

I would suggest you turn on the axis in the view options, and mimic the axis of the unreal skeleton export.

You could also unparent and delete the armature, copy the mesh, move it to the imported skeleton file, delete the mannequin mesh, and re-parent with the proper option.
it may be better to do it that way.
the weight paint is preserved. So you don’t even need to parent, you can select the armature modifier and assign the armature onto the mesh.
it would work when exporting - I just prefer preserving the proper parenting.

How do I rotate a specific bone? Can you make a short video?

Not at the moment.
You just select the bone in edit mode, hit R to rotate and either x y or z to constrain on one of the axis.
you can also type a value (probably 90) afterwards to have it rotate by that much on the given axis.

That rotates the whole character, how can I only rotate the root bone?