MakeHuman 1.1.0 RC3 out now!

Hi everyone

Just thought I’d give everyone a head’s up that we’ve been testing out release candidates for MakeHuman 1.1.0. There are still a couple of minor issues we need to fix before it’s released, most notably a couple of missing thumbnails. But it’s pretty close to release now. Anyway, you can grab a copy from our nightly download url here:

Since there was no Mac release for RC1 and RC2 (this was caused by communication disruptions within the team, and that can only mean one thing… war). So give the Mac build a good test and report back letting us know how it went.

Just to set the right expectations, at this stage we probably wouldn’t be fixing any issues that aren’t actual show-stoppers for the release. But obviously, anything major like crashes and such will be looked at.


Hi Raz,

Looks great, I particularly like the hair accessories.

One request: is there a way to view the characters in perspective?

Looking at them in orthographic is weird and annoying…

No, we used to use a perspective view, but people coming from a 3D modelling background complained that it interfered with the modelling process (which is a valid point as it does distort the model to achieve a perspective look). This is all going back a while, so I can’t remember the details, but I think we ended up switching to orthographic only.


Why doesn’t the mousewheel work in ANY of the panels… it should autodetect when mouse is in a panel with a scrollbar… who wants to move mouse to scrollbar to go up/down a bit when they use a mousewheel that is whats for.

mousewheel zooming while in the orth view… is the complete opposition zoom in/out compared to literally every other 3d modelling/gameengine i’ve ever used, an option to reverse that. Strangely enough it does have the right lmb+mouse up is out, and down is in, though… .

The lack of a perspective view does kinda suck, but whatever I guess if you don’t provide fov settings for it not much point.

And it would be really nice if it were possible to click on the human (with certain radius) and all the blend sliders for that bone +connected ones in that area show up in the left panel as custom selection or something… sure would be a lot faster than going through the tabs to get to certain areas.

well my feedback for now. nice interface, really hope it continues to improve, I’ve got a few characters out of Mixamo Fuse now owned by Adobe bleh, sure do like opensource it just definitely needs help getting better. Are there any future goals for MakeHuman like where it intends to go

Hi Raz,

Are you heavily opposed to the idea of have a button that would the user to toggle between orthographic and perspective views as needed?

Have to admit, was a little surprised to hear you suggest that perspective views are somehow more distorted than orthographic ones.

I’d also be surprised if I was the only one left who wanted to be able to preview character designs in 3d rather than 2 and a half d.

Not really my call, in fact, I wasn’t a fan of the removal of perspective mode in the first place and suggested the option of having a toggle, but for some reason people didn’t consider it a great idea.

While I can see where you’re coming from, MakeHuman is not a commercially funded application. We simply don’t have enough people to fix every small usability issue someone notices. If you’re feeling adventurous and know Python, the code is publicly available, you can alter it and send us a patch or join the team, we could certainly use the help.

Regarding the mouse wheel, there is already an option to invert it under Settings->Mouse. The mouse wheel does scroll correctly as long as the mouse is located over the scrollbar, but yes, it doesn’t scroll if the pointer is over the panel itself. Again, it’s one of those, too-minor-to-justify-the-time-to-fix-it type of issues. In short, if you feel strongly about it, raise it as a bug on our bug tracker and if you’re up to it, offer to fix it.

By the way, this is not the right place to raise general feedback for the MH project. We have our own forums. I’m mainly making sure people are aware of the release candidates for 1.1.0 and that no one is running into any release-stopping issues.