make your Jira "read only" for users please

Hello, seems your Jira now is private for some reasons, but why not give users “read only” right to be able check if their problem is already known bug and not just common problem of missed thing or something else minor?

I wouldn’t ask for it without reason. It’s already half year since i installed UE4 first time. Some times i was lazy, but i still keep trying do very simple thing:

i try run a sample UE game with enabled steam and connect 2 players over internet session

Seems things got improved over time, but i often get weird problems and can’t find solution, no one tells something, for example:

even posting both on forum and answerhub doesn’t help, that’s why i really like to check your jira for already known bug or not completed things. Of course i can make just a post and hope someone of you guys from epic tell it’s already known, but sure i can do it myself and don’t waste your time on this routine work.

I’m guessing their Jira would contain a lot of other things that they don’t want the general public to see. They would probably have to sort things so that we only had access to a sub set.

But I agree that this is a really good idea!

Hi everyone,

We are looking into possible options for a public bug tracker, however I do not have a timeframe of if or when this will be available for use. Keep a lookout for future updates!

Maybe there is already an update about this? After all, it can help Epic as well if the community can help comment in Jira. To help analysing the issues.

They have mentioned it time to time in the slack or the streams? cant remember 100%, but there are things in the IRA that are not for public consumption and they have been planning to pull stuff out and move it around so we can get a better view on the active bug lists.

Sadly, as with all things, it takes time, yes, even more than a year+ for something like a living JIRA with multiple projects in it and NDA info.