Make Weapon fire, reload and that basic stuff

I made a 1st weapon model (with arms) and their animations, and I tried it on UT4 and it was pretty easy, because all I need to do is create a new blueprint using that master class, and define the ammo, cone fire, recoil, damage and that stuff. Now, I want to create my game in UE4 but now I want to do all in Blueprint, or in C++ in the simple way (like copy/paste and change a few things xD). I create my project using “First Person” and I imported my weapon and animations, but now I don’t know what I should do in Blueprints or C++. All tutorials I found in YouTube is using Shooter Game. I want to import the weapon and animations, and make it fire, reload, damage, recoil, ammo and that basic stuff.

The way I would do it in 4.7+ is to create a custom blueprint component for the arms and gun, and build all the logic there. Then you just add the component to your character, and it works.

Plus with a bit of fancy construction script work, you can create components deriving from your base weapon component and pick whatever mesh and settings you want.