Make UPROPERTY meta tag "BindWidget" and "BindWidgetOptional" work with UMG Animations

Answerhub Request

Would it be possible to make the tags for UUserWidget classes that allow auto-binding to child widget components extend to animations as well. This would be great for playing widget anims from C++ or binding to the start / finish events.

In my use-case, I have widgets that can be opened and closed regularly, but do not neccesarily get destroyed or removed from the viewport. I could bind to the animation events and set the visibility of the widget to save some cost when the widgets are meant to be hidden or closed.

Currently, you have to create a blueprint native event, which has to be invoked in the Blueprint to play the animation - or set a reference to it in the graph. Can get a bit messy or hard to manage when you have lots of different animations playing etc.

Hey TheJamsh,

I have submitted a feature request for you. You can follow it here: