Make Unreal Engine or Twinmotion embedding a multiplayer

I have a request, idea, suggestion. Make an Unreal Engine or Twinmotion embedding a multiplayer with a customized open world (animations and location).

What do I mean?

Imagine an open world where every day architects from around the world add new buildings or online stores add furniture for sale.

How should this be implemented?

The designer creates the project in SketchUp and uploads it to the cloud world, where the customer can view the project through a browser or viewer application.

What is it for?

  1. Designers and architects need simple functions for presenting architectural designs to clients. If they will be able to show their project in the 3D world in online modeling, this will reduce the time of the project.

  2. Developers sell apartments and buyers want to see the future property.

  3. Dozens of buyers can enter the online application and just walk around the future district, chat and meet future neighbors or the developer. Thus, the speed of sales increases, because the buyer can quickly make a choice by looking at dozens of offers in one application.

  4. In the online open world, sellers of building materials, lamps, furniture, etc. can post their goods. It will be like an online store in the 3D world where it is possible to sell goods. It will be useful for designers, architects, developers, buyers. For example, furniture sellers can create 3D models for free, and designers can use them in projects, while the 3D model will have BIM data with a price tag and store address. Or the buyer of furniture can try on new furniture or materials for his apartment, from hundreds of stores in one minute.

In the end, the open world has a great future, and all social networks will switch to such 3D platforms, and your company will make billions of profits.


AmunRaa3, you wrote “Creating multiplayer is particularly difficult for architects, so the Twinmotion team should make such a gift to its users.” Sounds like you’ve already managed to do it somehow. If so, could you explain us your method please?