Make Unreal Engine 3 and Older Open Source

I was wondering if Epic Games could make unreal 3 and older open source along with the unreal tournament games that use those engines under MIT

this is not gonna happen anytime soon if ever since those engines are still being licensed out to people

They’ve said before that they can’t do that since components are licensed from other companies, though they were looking into the older versions of Unreal.

Why not remove those components and rewrite them under open source license or use open source alternatives to said components its not like epic games don’t have money to do so

Epic is actually very efficient with their money, unless it seems like it would be worth it to them then they wouldn’t bother wasting money. It’s probably not worth it to them.

It would make it possible for people to sell mods on older unreal tournament games They are still popular

Not having the engine source hasn’t prevented people from making mods all this time

Its better to have the engine open like doom to make mods Also it will allow these engines to be ported to other platforms maybe even html5 Also unreal tournament 3 was not released for linux

As many other games too. They can’t make it open source because of the thirdp partie’s involved. Also, they never would make it open source, they would release the source at most, but not make it open source. They wo’t ever do this, because there are too many 3rd party dependencies and it’s not costworthy at all.

FreeDom, the fact of the matter is, your request is unreasonable and honestly somewhat ungrateful. It simply doesn’t make sense to tell an organization to spend (perhaps a lot, gotta think about lost licensee money) of money to pursue making UE3 source available just because you wanted it. Asking them nicely doesn’t hurt, but when you get the (expected) answer you don’t want to hear, that doesn’t mean you should ramble on about how they can accomplish the goal if they wanted to. If Epic feel like releasing source after hearing a few requests, then yay for everybody just be happy it happened. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath, not until a couple years from now at the very least.

An overblown sense of entitlement strikes again, it seems. Remember - zealotry helps nobody.

I can’t remember where, but I remember somewhere Tim Sweeney talking about releasing the original UE under some kind of open source license. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. But they won’t do anything any faster just because you demand it.

Hi everyone,

Tim Sweeney has already commented on the potential for UE3 open source on this link: His response is below:

"We would like to, but can’t. We have investigated this possibility extensively over the years and concluded that releasing UE2/3 source was infeasible due to a combination of third-party licensing contracts, lack of source, and compiler incompatibilities.

The UE4 code release now has been made possible by an extensive architectural effort to eliminate problematic third-party code dependencies which began back in 2010."

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