Make UE4 debug easier

For unity,debug is easy:

Go to vs2013,press F5,back to unity editor and play,then you can trigger your breakpoints.You can stop debug by going back to vs2013 and press Shift+F5,and this will not stop unity editor.

But how can we do it for UE4?

If I go to vs2013,press F5,vs2013 will launch a UE4 peocess,go to UE4 editor and play,then I can trigger my breakpoints.But when I back to vs2013 stop debug,the UE4 process will stop also.

What are you trying to achieve by stopping debugging? If you don’t want to stop the editor process, why not just leave the debugger attached?

It is possible to detach it manually - just select Debug | Detach All in VS. Likewise you can attach the debugger to an already running editor process.