Make the launcher not auto-start with projects

I know this has been asked many times, but I am asking it again. Dear Epic, please make it so that the launcher does not automatically start when I launch my UE4 projects.
The launcher is a slog, it costs an extreme amount of hardware resources just to sit there idly in the background. I know this is because it was build with Unreal Engine, but there is zero reason to force it to launch with a project. It doesn’t do anything to my projects while I work on them!

If I want to start a new project or add assets, I simply start the launcher manually myself, add the assets or start a new project, then I close it again.
In fact, the first thing I do when I open my projects is to close the launcher, because it slows my system and my editor down so much.

EDIT: The simplest fix seems to be to go to your “…\Epic Games\UE_4.25\Engine\Build” folder (or your engine version) and create an empty text document and name it PerforceBuild.txt

This will make the launcher not auto-start anymore when you open the editor.

Response from Epic:<Tumbleweed>
Good luck with that request dude. :stuck_out_tongue:
Why not learn to just disable it???

Here is the right place to request it: Epic Games Launcher Survey | QuestionPro Survey

Instead of being snarky, why not be helpful and explain how?

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Brute-Force-Method… But there are others if you do a title keyword search on ‘Launcher’.
For example you can also alter the Registry-key below (rename Command to Command1).
This has the advantage of keeping the Launcher ‘available to you’, while not auto-launching:


That said… Be careful as the Launcher also adds a Registry ‘RUN’ key at Windows Startup.
If you don’t disable this key it will auto-start the Launcher in silent mode at startup (sneaky).
Profiling the Launcher shows it does other questionable things too that aren’t documented!!!


Always export Reg keys first before changing anything! Win7/Win10 Start->Run regedit

Thank you for that info, greatly appreciated !
I ended up using an empty PerforceBuild.txt file instead now, as I couldn’t figure out what to change in the registry.

Yeah we all remember the information sniffing debacle regarding the launcher…
I already have it set to not launch automatically, and since I always check my tasks running every day I would notice if it did somehow. I still expect it to set it back to autostart with any new update though…

By the way, if you know about other things, why not document it make it public?