Make the Character move while using UI?

So Im making a third person action RPG.

My Character should be able to Walk around while having the menu open (which is a Widget blueprint). So I set the game mode to game and UI when the menu is opened.

I enabled wrap in the navigation tab within my widget. ![C:\Users\micha\Dropbox\Art\Game\Chrystal Monster\Screenshots\screens.jpeg][screens]
Now the d-pad is able to change the focus between buttons and I’m able to press the buttons using A. But the right thumbstick moves the focus aswell as my character at the same time.

Is there any way to disable the thumbstick for the UI and keep its function for walking?

Or maybe a more elegant way to navigate the UI using a controller while beeing able to walk?

I would REALLY love to know how to do this if anybody ever figured it out. Can’t find any information online about how to use both the UI (in my case with the D-pad on a gamepad only) and still be able to walk around in-game.