Make the camera follow a projectile?

I’m trying to have the camera jump from first person to then follow the path of a simple projectile, such as a golf ball… I’m very new to the community and building, all the help is greatly appreciated!

The easiest way is to put a camera in your golf ball blue print and then posses that camera. The camera inside the BP will move with the object and you can use a swing arm to get it to follow nicely.

I’m not at my dev PC atm to provide many details but from memory you would:

  1. Create a bluepring actor
  2. Add a projectile motion
  3. Add a mesh for the ball
  4. Add a camera, position it to look at the ball you want (maybe add swing arm)

Then in your controller BP when the ball is stuck/fired etc you would

  1. Spawn the ball BP (or maybe its already spawned so activate the projectile)
  2. Active the camera inside the BP with ‘set view target with blend’
  3. When the ball in done moving reset the camera with ‘set view target with blend’ again.

Good luck, and welcome

I need to keep watching tutorials… This is gonna take me a while… Thanks!