Make Sprite Component always face camera

I have a Paper2D.PaperCharacter Blueprint, in the components section there is a Sprite. I’m looking to get the sprite to always face the camera/player. I have managed to get this work partially but only when my character starts face on the to the sprite initially, is there a way rotate the forward vector of the component sprite so that it always faces at a right angle to the player?


I was just thinking about looking into this last night …but I’m using C++ :frowning: Not sure how much a C++ answer would help you, but if i figure it out, I’ll post it anyways

EDIT: (I’m still going to find it out in UE4/3D)

I found this in an old 2D shooter I made(not UE4 though but should be similar):

//a = main sprite  b = what "a" looks at

   float xsaver = b->movex - a->movex;

   float  ysaver = b->movey - a->movey;

    float angle = atan2f(ysaver, xsaver);
    a->rotatex = angle;

the rotate is radians though so you have to change it to degrees
either by
FMath::RadiansToDegrees(angle); /
angel * 57.2957795

*but there MIGHT be an easier way made by UE4


look at AI stuff tutorials

Thanks for the great reply, looks very interesting and similar to some of script I’ve been seeing up with the “Find look at rotation” node. I have an AI programming friend who is helping me with this so I’ll get him to check this out and let you know what we find

I made this for shooting a bullet at someone, so you’ll just want to feed the final rotation vector into a SetWorldRotation call. You may want to lerp it as well if you want a slow turn vs an instant turn.

Thanks buddy that works great!! Will be fine for now until something more simple is implemented!