Make Spawning announcement

I’d like to know how to make an announcement like the “Dodorex has appeared” announcement. I’m trying to create a dino that has a chance to spawn when someone logs into my server and then I’d like for there to be an announcement that lets everyone know that said dinosaur has spawned. If I can have any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

I think theres a checkbox for that in the dino character bp.

There’s also the Server Announcement/Notification nodes I believe.


So I got the dino announcement to work. Now I’m stuck where I get the dino to spawn when a player joins the server. Does anyone know if this is currently possible?

I’m guessing that you’d have to make a when… then… situation. That’s what I’d do with java at least. I’m not sure if that would work with this though. Just a suggestion.

WM, how do I reference those nodes in a BP? I need to make the graph so when one spawns the server announcement goes off. Currently the checkbox only does summoning and dying, not actual natural spawning which is what I want to happen. Thanks for the help!

Best guess - in the ‘#_Character_BP’ graph:

Start getting into the habit of unchecking context sensitive when looking at graphs, there’s a lot gated by that check.


You’re the best WM.