make skeletal mesh walkable

how to make a skeletal mesh walkable?

u make skeleton, skin it to character and then animate

I mean walkable like walking on the floor. So similar to floor and not a walking person. My character wants to walk on that mesh and not fall through. Not collision either I guess.

I dont understand your question, but when the character falls through the floor, you will have to add a collision -> and when you want him to walk, you will have to create a character bp + anim bp -> :slight_smile:

Thanks but enabling collision moves the player to the side or high above. How to customize collision with a skeletal mesh? I don’t have the same gui/keys as in the first video in 4.83.-
In Phat it’s only one mesh but it’s a morph animation from Blender made of multiple squares.

You change the collision in the character bp -> the capsule component :slight_smile:

AFAIK UE4 does not support walkable Skel Meshes by default, you’ll need to enable it through .ini file.