Make Save Content default on auto-save.

Or we can start calling the U4 auto-save, not-auto-save as save ourselves alot of trouble.

Thanks. We’ll look into making this change for the next release. The reason we originally defaulted it to off was because it’s fairly easy to modify a huge number of assets while working normally in the editor, and auto-save could take a very long time. However, that was before we added support for canceling an auto-save in progress. Also, I think if we showed the number of assets that will be autosaved on the countdown notification, it would be obvious to the user whether they should snooze it or not. Thanks for the good suggestion!


I apologize if I seem irritated, but my day would not have been lost to me if I had been able to discover that all of my content was being saved automatically by auto-save.
I just can not imagine saying “Aw heck! What it saved all of my work? I didn’t expect that…!”
Perhaps the misfortune of discovering that I now have a huge file would have been preferable.

You already posted this thread in another section on the forums!

Hi charliewhiskey,

I am closing this thread as you do already have another thread along the same lines posted. Please continue the conversation there. Thank you and have a great day!