Make rotator / make transform - problem with incorrect values

Hello guys,

i´m currently building a modular house blueprint and i really like it, but unfortunately there is one problem that occurs (see screenshots) .

How come that the values coming from the “make rotator” differ from the ones coming from the transform node ? This seems to be no problem in a large environment, but for me, building a house from hundreds of modules this is a real problem because i need the accuracy of the angles so everything fits together… any ideas ?

The scripts works like this:

  • choose a mesh
  • rotate it by specified angle
  • place mesh

thanks !

Oh ok. But this will not work because the problem lies somewhere else… You can not use floor or round in this case…

In Unreal you can see the transformation widget, now you can rotate it with the standard ue4 tools, but when it shows 90° , the angle of the transformation is off… I dont have any nodes in between. When you now floor or round the float it doesnt really change the outcome. I took some screenshots of the things i tried…

There are three versions:

  1. simply using unreal build in rotation to rotate the “Transformer” widget
  2. using a “rotator” node pluggen in transform
  3. splitting the rotator node, round it (floor also works) back into transformation…

Nothing seems to work…