Make rotator from angle and actor up vector rotating wrong

I’m trying to make a camera child actor rotate around the up axis of my player regardless of the player’s rotation. I’ve gotten it to work for the player being right side up and upside down but I get problems when the player is sideways. Instead of rotating the camera on the player’s up axis, it rotates on the player’s right axis. I’m not sure why it’s doing this but I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Sounds like you’re using global space instead of local pace. Make sure that the child actor’s axis of rotation is the local Z axis of your player actor. and not global Z or X.

Also note that the order of the elements in an FRotator, they’re Pitch, Roll, Yaw (Y,X,Z) not (X,Y,Z).

I figured I would get the axes wrong.
How would I make sure the axis is local? The Get Actor Up Vector node doesn’t seem to have local and world variants.