Make rotation speed up with time?

I want to make the rotation of my propeller speed up with time. Tried using Finterp but didn’t work out. Any help plz ??

You’d need to accumulate the value:


Admittedly, there’s got to be at least half a dozen of way to do it. Depends on what the desired result is.

With fInterpTo:

Will spin it up up to 5.

Thanks for answering! Well I would like to be able to be able to tweak the speed (i guess the beginning speed and the desired final speed) and the time so I could tell it to go to that desired speed in a certain amount of time.

Added a pic for fInterp so you can define target Max.

The beginning speed it what you set the variable by default. You can then alter target and it will go up / down until target is reached. The interpolation speed dictates how quick it gets to target.

I tried this but didnt work

You’re multiplying it by delta seconds, don’t. Just to ensure we’re on the same page:

Image from Gyazo

Thanks buddy will try that right now!

Don’t know what I did wrong but It doesn’t work.

Doesnt work :frowning:

Show a screenshot. You have a full setup above, btw.

Now, it starts quickly and slows down

It works!! thanks buddy

Thanks for you help man, really saved my life:)

You’re increasing the Rotation Speed before the Branch so it will be at full speed after the 1.5s Delay. You should see it spin at roughly full speed atm.

If you want to observe it wind up slowly, place the branch just after Tick so it will start speeding up after the Delay.

It starts at the default speed of the variable, check what you set the default value to. If it’s higher than Target, it will try to reach it, slowing down.

I think you also asked me this on reddit so here is my version of this answer. I think a timeline works perfectly for this along with a “rotating movement” component. See screen shots below for a basic setup. The timeline allows you to finely tune exactly how fast the propeller moves during the windup phase and how long the phase will last. Once it is completed you simply set the rotating movement component to handle the continuous rotation of the propeller at full speed. I did need to use a little bit of a fudge factor to get a nice look to it once the timeline completed so I multiplied by 75 but you can tinker with the values both within the timeline and the fudge factor for the rotating component and see what works best for you. I made 5 keys to the float curve for time and speed they are as follows if you wanted my exact setup.

(0.45, 10)
(0.95, 25)
(1.25, 50)
(1.5, 100)

This created a nice increase in speed as the wind up phase continued for 1.5 seconds after which it was at “max speed”.

This setup also worked well and is a bit easier to understand. The timeline is the same I just removed the rotation variable and you simply set the rotation component to the final speed you wish once the timeline finishes the wind up phase. Final rotation of 5000 worked well for me.