Make Random Stream Not Random (Blueprint issue?)

Hi everyone,

I’m basically making a creaking board sound for an attic, and it occurred to me that I could have it randomly play in a part of the attic ceiling at random times, so that you’d hear the sound from different locations at different pitches and volumes at different times to mix it up.

So I’ve basically constructed, in the level editor, the following blueprint. As you can see, the Z height will always remain the same but the X and Y locations are supposed to fall within a range.

Well, it’s happening in the same place every time. Same corner at the minimum ranges on both sides. Every single time. If I edit these, I can predictably move the sound around this area… So it’s not being at all random. I initially tried just a random in ranges, now I’m trying from random streams… Exact same result. I’m using a sound cue I’ve created, maybe the problem is in there somewhere? Why isn’t this random…?

This produces the sound in a different location in the attic, but it is in the same location every single time.

While we’re at it, I’d like to actual locations to refresh upon retriggering, as well. The idea being that several low-volume somewhat-randomized sounds like this will be in some locations.

Your get second will always return the same because you don’t input anything. You need to input the current time into the the Get Second nodes to actually initialise your random streams differently.

Ahh, thank you so much! It’s doing what I want now, randomly happening around this attic floor. It produces it in the same location when it repeats, though, so I’m working on that now.

The current issue is that if I tell the cue not to loop, it won’t play at all in this script.
Loop indefinitely: works but stays in same place always.
Loop count > 1: Nothing. No sound whatsoever.

Got it! Working just fine now, thank you so much Harry! One Unreal Engine Love-Point for you, today. =)

Here’s what the script looks like, working, if anyone wants to copy it and use it themselves. I suggest adding your own pitch/volume/playback speed tweaks to make it a bit more random, but here it is: