Make Property Viewer + Blutility More Useful

Hello, I have A lot of diffrent blutilities wich help me customize my Acotrs inside the editor. But it is kinda difficult to navigate trough them. Here are couples of improvemts i would like You Guys to reconsider:

1.Add colors To custom events Blutilities so in deitals mode its easier to use them.( It will be easier to group them in colors )(also add an order wich they are displayed)
2.Don’t put all blutilietes under the default category, we already have diffrent Graphs, wouldn’t it be better if we could split them up into those difrent categories, and not put all under “Default”.
3.As we know we can easily use the property Matrix to edit Actors. Wouldnt it be great if we could Launch Blutilities from within the property Editor.( My favorite )
4.Also the showing of “map variables” is not as good as it could be inside the property matrix..

Also I would use this Post to say I think UE4 is a Great piece of work!

There have been a couple of recent additions to Blutility/editor scripting that you might be interested in hearing about. They wont hit until at least 4.20, but just as a heads-up.

  • Blutilities can now be run via the right-click menu in the content browser (for asset-related scripts) or via the right-click menu in the level editor (for actor-related scripts).
  • Additional libraries for asset-related actions are coming on-line and will be developed on a case-by-case basis.

Good to hear, improved editor scripting is probably the feature i am looking forward to the most.

Currently trying to load level instances via a blutility but no luck so far.

This is exciting! Could you be able to tell us what kind of actions?