Make projectile ignore the same projectile spawned (Collision -help!))

Hello, so i’m trying to create multiple projectiles being fired at once from one spawn position and from that pos, they are going to spread in angles that I set (Like in example bellow)

-I’ve tried setting up a new object type and in that projectile setting it so it to that type and also making it ignore that type of object.
-I’m using already created twinstickprojectile blueprint (edited it a bit, but the premise is the same).

So can anybody please tell me how can I make the projectile ignore another spawned projectile on the same location (of the same kind and class).
-I want to make abilities in the game like this, but can’t get passed this problem…

Thank you!!!

Can you please show the collision setup for your collision component inside your projectile?

Checking the box for collision under Projectile Object Type to Ignore other projectiles should do the trick.