Make posting on forums (except a specific section) only available for licencees

Hi! I have been thinking that maybe you should make answerhub&forums members only (membership being “active” even if subscription is not), to block madness called “love mantra”, back in the day I had heard of it, but never saw, but now it is just everywhere, and it must be stopped. Of course you could leave free section in both of them, but keeping the main portion spam free.

I can’t speak for others, but I would have stuck with Unity if I couldn’t post on the forums. It was only in interacting on the forums that I decided to give Unreal a try because the community is so good.

maybe we could filter our all messages with more than 20 of those middle east characters then? xD

But but, I came here to look for Love Mantra post, What do I do without them…

On s serious note. I do not agree, I think anyone should be able to post in any forums. We do need to be able to filter out the spam mails.

Guys, is going out of hands.
You need to give someone Moderator Rights on the HUB,
who bans those guys.

Can’t you make a Capcha for posting a question and limit
posting question to 1 per 30 min or something like that?

They spam ten sites in a few seconds and no one deletes
the whole day. It’s hard to find the question with longer names
and keep track of them.

Or a filter for the terms and special signs?


I disagree with a section for subscribers-only.

Regarding the spams, yes needs to be sorted out asap. Just a bit annoying :slight_smile:

That would be cool, but unfortunately I cant delete those posts :frowning:

Btw, I personally think we should stop posting such threads, because is just a proof for the spammers that people realise them…so they will continue :wink: (e.g write your ideas/suggestions/questions as a pm :))

Lack of moderation is not a problem, but fact that those spam bots can get in and post is a problem

There are 10 pages in a row with . Who the hell doesn’t
realise ? is going on for a few days now and it could
be easily stomped if some anti-spam would be used.

We just post so that the Mods that CAN delete those posts
or administrate the hub will start doing something more than just
deleting them after they spammed 10 pages again.

:wink: I know that it’s hard to not realise, but imagine that you have done something pretty big and everybody has seen it, but nobody talks about it -> when would happen to me I personally would wonder why it is like that :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it is not easy to stop them because they are real people and not just a program/bot

**Just a short side note: Epic games is working on problem and many changes will come to the forum. ** Meanwhile we mods can just wake up early in the morning to delete those threads :smiley:

We have anti-spam tools, and epic is working on integrating new ones, and trying out different possibilities.

Captchas won’t work, those are people.

To the time limit, 30 min. Imagine you have to questiosn to ask, and you have to wait half an hour between them, that would be terrible.

Just keep in mind, epic is working on it. :wink:

If you see spam, just open it, and press the “Report Post” icon (bottom left triangle icon below each message), the moderators will receive an alert and will go through and delete posts & ban users.

is much more effective than opening new threads on the same topic, and you will see that within 5 minutes the spam is gone.

It’s all ok guys. I just wanted to get Epics attention on and some information. If you guys are working on it, it’s all ok.

And no, 30 min are nothing. You can always edit your first question and add your question to it.
I wouldn’t mind 30 min if these Spamers would stop because of .

But, ok. Let’s stop here (: Thanks for the answer and the attention. Thanks Epic for working on it.

Block all IPs from India -> solved! XD

:stuck_out_tongue: Best solution