Make player shoot a projectile that collides with objects?

Exactly as the title says, I’m making a duel grapple hook that needs to be fired, one from each side of the hip. I them to fire toward the middle of the screen, where the crosshair would be :slight_smile: (I have the third person layout, with the camera inside the characters head).

So clarification, you say that it’s a 3rd person layout but the camera is in their head. Is the game played as a 1st person game or a 3rd person game? And are you trying to get the grapple hooks to meet at the crosshair point or run parallel toward that point?

It’s played as a first person game, and I would like each hook to be set slightly off the crosshair on the corresponding side. So The ‘Q’ hook will be slightly left of the crosshair etc…

So what have you tried so far and where exactly are you stuck? Seems like a very easy problem to solve…

Cool thanks for the info, now I’m no expert but I do think I can help some with this. Don’t panic if it takes me a day or so to give you something to work with.

Hey be nice, things you think are easy now weren’t so easy when you got started.

I don’t mind, I have almost no experience with ue4 so I have no idea how to go about this. I haven’t really tried anything because I don’t know what to try, that’s why I’m here. Also I will eventually want to have the player reel into the center of where the 2 hooks are by holding space :stuck_out_tongue:

Start with First Person shooter template. Modify that to have two weapons that shoot projectiles. Position them where you want them. Then you can work the mechanics into “grappling hooks”

Yeah that sounds good I guess? I still need to know how to make the projectiles stick :stuck_out_tongue: as well as instead of firing one projectile with mouse1; I wanna shoot one from the left with Q and one from the right with E, also the projectile unsticking and coming back to the player before disappearing would add a really nice effect.

You can change the trigger from Left Mouse button to “Q”. You can also look at FirstPersonProjectile blueprint and change the logic for Event Hit. Delete everything in that BluePrint and then call Stop Simulating

Awesome! I’ll test it out!

Sorry for the delay but here’s what I’ve got for you.
This is the first part added into your player character.

Part 2 for the player character.

And here is the “hook” you need to add a projectile movement component to the mesh for the hook. Then change a couple things about it, first the initial speed needs to be a pretty high number and then set gravity scale to 0 so that it doesn’t fall in the middle of flight.

For the collision sphere you add to the hook you need to change the collision preset to ignoreOnlyPawn, this makes it so you won’t hit players including yourself. This happened to me on spawn and the hooks never left the launch point. Also make sure this setting for your mesh is set to noCollision so that only the sphere is stopping it when it hits something.

It’s not perfect but I think it’ll help. I tried to comment all the code but please ask if anything is confusing or unclear so I can explain further.

would you be able to send me the project?

So being that this this was kinda my 2nd project in unreal I don’t know how to go about doing that. Now that’s not a big issue I’ll do some research and figure out if I can, but I’m going busy the next couple of days so it may take some time.

No problem, do you have steam, skype, or something like that to make it easier to communicate?

You still there?

@Taydra - Zip up everything except the following folders:

* Binaries
* Build
* Intermediate
* Saved

That way, the content should be minimal. Also note whether or not you need to include Starter Assets. It’s far easier to exclude them and ask the end user to add that manually before attempting to Run the project.

Sorry life became even more busy than I was expecting, Here is the folder (complete) on google drive. Copy it to your comp and it should be playable. :slight_smile: Again sorry for the delay.

@Nick I’m confused by what you mean in that last part. Wouldn’t if I had starter content enabled those assets be a part of the content in the folders that I was then zipping together?

Hey sorry it seems my computer is being slow and is still syncing the folders to the drive. I’ll post again when it says its done.