Make player look in the same place whether he's aiming or not aiming

I have a player character that holds a gun (its an FPS) and when the player aims its in a slightly different direction than when hes not aiming. This is just because of the animation, and I understand itll never be perfect, but I want to have a system where I can be aiming at the same place as i was if i wasnt aiming. So if im aiming at an enemy’s head, it wont sway to the left or something.

What I tried already was a failed attempt to make a system where there is a rotator that can be set, then used as an offset. However, sometimes when you make things not very efficient, you run into problems that cant be fixed. I started trying to fix it but it was no use. Does anyone know of a simple and efficient way to achieve this?


I thought Id follow up. Im still trying to figure this out, however im close to finding the right algorithm. Correct me if im wrong but i assume if you want to look at something farther away, the aim correction should be more subtle? Im not sure, heres a picture of my progress, with captions. Excuse the text done in paint, i completely forgot unreal has a comment system :stuck_out_tongue: