Make Player follow path defined by coordinates in CSV file


I want to achieve the following:

I have built a building in UE4 and want to make the player move in First Person Perspective along a route defined by coordinates in a CSV file. The CSV file contains X and Y coordinates (Z isnt changing, as it is just one floor ) as well as a UNIX timestamp for each X and Y coordinate. So my goal is after starting the game, there should be a trigger point and after activating the trigger, the player should move along the path defined by the coordinates in the CSV file, taking into account the UNIX timestamp. The coordinates were collected in a real world scenario using an indoor location tracker, so the player the unix timestamp is needed to let the player walk in the same speed as in the real world. The CSV file is pretty big, it contains around 70000 entries because the coordinates were tracked every 0.1 seconds.
How can I achieve this? Unfortunately I am completely new to blueprints so I dont have much experience. If someone has a already implemented and could share a picture of the blueprint that would be awesome. I would also be willing to pay to get this done! Thanks a lot!