Make player character go ragdoll on collision?

So basically, we have lasers in our game. When the player collides with these, we want the player to lose control of the character and make it go ragdoll.

This is my laser blueprint. When something collides with it, it gets the class of the actor and sees if it’s the “MyCharacter” class. If it is, it casts to MyCharacter and executes the “Lose Control”-Custom Event!

This is the custom event in MyCharacter Blueprint. I make the controller lose control of the character, and set simulate physics on the mesh. Should be that simple right? >: Nope!

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be gladly appreciated!

Okay, it almost seems like whenever I post a thread, I find the answer right away. I made a “Physics Asset” following this tutorial:

It works fine, when I collide I lose control of the character and it goes ragdoll. Except it’s falling right through the floor… Well, a step in the right direction at least! If someone knows why, point me in the right direction!

Just a guess but it sounds like you need to make a physics asset for your character as well :slight_smile:

And I got it working completely! I followed this tutorial:

Reading from "PolytizeMeCapN"s comment some way down. The reason my character fell through the floor (as far as I can apprehend) was that then it turned ragdoll, it got detached from it’s Capsule Component, which handles all the collision. The way he (and I) solved it was to simulate physics on all but one bone, thus that bone doesn’t get detached from the Capsule Component, so it doesn’t fall through the floor. I also set my collision presets up like he did, with one exception. With the Capsule Components collision set up the way it was, with “Ignore” set on “Physicsbody”, it didn’t register hit events on other objects that simulate physics. I instead did this:

Instead of ALWAY having Physicsboy set to ignore, I only set it to Ignore when my event that makes the character go ragdoll is called.

Hope this helps any that stumble upon the same problem!