Make player character able to walk inside vehicle. Tricks, solutions?

Greetings, fellow unrealers!
Already for a some time googling and researching ability to make character to walk inside vechile.
But no luck. Found CustomGravityComponent, it’s awesome, but, unfortunately it doesn’t support multiplayer.
I’ll try to descibe what i want exactly.
I’ve a spaceship, it’s moving in 3d space, it means that ship can yaw, pitch and etc. There are four crew members on board. Each one may walk meanwhile ship is flying. But how to implement system when character inside vehicle able to walk, when it is moving in 3d space?

Thank you

You could make your spaceship a static object and instead move your environment around it. that way your characters could walk around in the spaceship. Would that maybe be a solution to your problem?

Well, in that case I guess you could just add the offset of the spaceship to the players movement?

Thats was the first idea, that came in my head. But this trick won’t work in the multplayer game with the several similar ships:/