Make persistent Consumables that change Stats

Hello there, Im new to the Ark Dev Kit and Iam working on my first mod.
I already included new weapons and static meshes aswell as new engrams.
Now I wanted to make a consumable (like a poation) that adds a persiting effect on the user (increases Health by 20 points for example) but I ran into a problem.

If I use something like the enduro stew as base, I set the values with “Character Status Value Modifiers”
however it only changes the first value ( not the max amount)
I want to add 150 HP to the player char that drinks the health poition

If I use the “Character Status Value Modifiers” Health with 150 points it will add 150 to the current life value.
In your Inventory it would look like that :

250 / 100 Health

It does work but it doesnt seem right to me.
I want to change the second value ( the max value)

Anyone got an Idea on how to do that?

undo the filter and then search “status value” and u should see the set max