make part of my mesh static/not influenced by skeleton

I have a character that has clothes but I would like to separate his clothes from the character. Is there a way I can make the specific mesh (a jacket and pants for ex.) inside my skeletal mesh separated in a way and make it not influenced by the characters animation and skeleton?

Whats the plan?

If you want you can add the clothing as a component of a character BP.

The overall issue we are dealing with is that we are currently trying to develop a way where we can bring in alembic cache for our cloth (cloth sim in houdini) and “blendshape” them onto the existing clothing mesh that is already there in Unreal.

We could simply blendshape the clothing in Maya, but we are trying to have the blendshaping done in Unreal. Therefore we can streamline the process and leave the original asset untouched. Hopefully that makes sense.

It really doesn’t.

Removing weight paint will cause a lot of issues and compatibility problems but it seems like that’s what you want…

Do you know a way where this could be done in Unreal?

You’d have to take the model in a DCC and delete the vertex groups from it.
Not sure unreal offers that kind of access to the skeletal mesh.