Make Parameters Visible In GUI

ok so im sure this is easy and im just over thinking this but…

I want to be able to allow the user to edit graphical changes I.E. enable or disable Sun Shafts
and the blueprint that they are set in is a thing called Orbit weather and seasons.

in the level blueprint i can call reference to BP_Orbit but i cannot in my GUI script to allow me to make it editable on screen.

Im sorry if this sounds confusing.

Spawn BP_Orbit inside the GameMode or try to get reference of it there with Get All Actors Of Class and store it in variable. Make a function Get Orbit in GameMode which get the reference to make things easier. Now you can just get GameMode reference cast it to your class and and call function Get Orbit to get the orbit. You shoud avoid using LEvel BLueprint for naything that suppose to work on every level otherwise you gonna re do the level blueprint on each time, level blueprint is exclusively for level scripting

Look on my old tutorial about objects and classes it shows how to properly deal with objects