Make Paragon Big Again and Return it to your Fans Please

There are many people waiting for a remake of Paragon, a 3D MOBA that does not exist today and that you created with such success. There are fans working with their paragon ASETS but they will never reach the quality that you achieved with their exquisite title.

Please listen to me and try to bring the servers or no servers, only with ips for the fans to play their title again.

Thank you.

It’s definitely not happening

Paragon was never a success, this is why it’s dead.
Mobas basically have to run on toasters to be successful.
Even on consoles they have failed.

I understand your sincere responses.

Likewise, the information that has come to me from senior managers is that Paragon was profitable, but it did not have the success they wanted. Equally before v42 it was a MOBA with tournaments all over the world and popularity was trending positively.
If they had taken it out of the beta and added rankeds, I am sure it would have succeeded. And there is nothing similar to Paragon, only Smite can be approached, and it will always be light years away in graphics and gameplay.

Hopefully one day the president of Epic will talk to me and reflect.

Thank you.

I think Paragon, Fortnite STW and Unreal Tournament were abandoned (compared to what battle royale got) because Fortnite BR needed all manpower they had.

It wasn’t just because they needed to allocate more resources to Fortnite, it was that those things weren’t actually doing well, each of them had reported problems.