Make orthographic views use alt+MMB to pan and alt+RMB to zoom

In 4.9, we got at+MMB to pan and alt+RMB to zoom in the animation curve editor, it would be amazing if we could get an option to enable this for ALL orthographic views, using RMB to pan is an odd choice and is still very annoying even after using UE since 4.0!


I’d also love to have Alt+MMB for pan in orthographic views. That’s the way it behaves in Maya, and having it different for UE4 kind of bugs me.

So with 4.17 we now at least have MMB in in all the graph views, - the setting is in an odd place - Preferences/Graph Editor Settings/Panning Mouse Button.

This is super awesome but still need the final step to be the orthographic views in the scene view.