Make open level open level quicker

Hey! So I have a start button that uses open level to open my games main level but it takes so god dam long to load and I have no idea why. Everything else runs perfectly smooth and it is a simple game and I have a higher end gaming pc.
Please can someone help me out, thank you! :))

You can use Level Streaming to break your level up into smaller parts that can be streamed in at runtime. This will allow you to only load what is needed at the beginning of the level, and load/unload parts as the player progresses through the level.

Thanks but I have different game modes, huds, controllers, etc for the different levels and won’t using level streaming now allow be to have these different classes set?

@anikataylor Only if you make a single “open world” level. But you don’t have to. A Level in Unreal can be made up of any number of sublevels. With level streaming, you can load/unload these sublevels.

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You split the same level up into different sublevels. For example, if your level was in a house, each room would be a sublevel, and you would load & unload rooms when you go from one room to the other. The gamemode is set in the persistent level.

Level streaming is just breaking one level up into smaller sublevels, which is meant to reduce memory & load times.

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Ensure that you are only assets as you need them.

Even if this main level required information about all game modes, characters etc, change the way you get the information about them.

I highly recommend looking into the UE4 asset system.
It allows you to save snippets of information about assets and access them without having to load the entire asset, as well as making it possible to load assets asynchronously.

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