Make one grenade particle explosion effect and win a copy of Storm United

Following the recent release of our game’s website and forum (, we are running the first contest of a long series.

Make a grenade explosion particle effect for our FPS Storm United and get a chance to win a Steam Early Access key of Storm United.
All contestants will be invited to participate to the closed beta as well.

The requirements are the following:
0. Make it in UE4

  1. Its a HE grenade, so it should have an explosive effect
  2. It should be reasonable in terms of performance cost.
  3. Its a HE grenade, not a nuclear bomb, make it count but don’t blow up the entire room :wink:
  4. It should fit our game style, no cartoon effects allowed but realistic/sci-fy is welcome.

To submit your particle effect
Migrate the particle, texture and materials into an empty folder, compress it with zip or rar, upload it somewhere (dropbox for example) and send us the link on :

I think its obvious but just in case : by participating to the contest you give us the permission to use, modify and distribute the files sent.

If you want don’t hesitate to show pictures gifs or videos on our forum post here.
The contest ends the 11th August.

Oh and by the way, everyone who participates on our new forum until end of august will receave a collectible Paint Badge “I was here” in Storm United (More info about this here).

If you are curious to get regular news about our game development perhaps you want to follow us on facebook:

Good luck!