Make Objects Pulsate With Light

How would you go about making objects pulsate?

A scenario:

The player walks close enough to items that can be picked up and they start to slowly pulsate light on the material. Sort of like adjusting the brightness up and down at a certain pace.

This is done to signify that the player can pick up that item.

Really? No one?

One method of doing this is using a Material Instance with parameters that can be adjusted at run time. (Docs)

You would apply this material to your object, then determine if the player is within range and adjust the material instance parameter to change the appearance of the material.

You could, for example, use a Scalar Parameter as a multiplier for an emissive (glow) color on the object. Have a vector 3 as the emissive color and multiply it by this new Scalar Parameter in the material. When the player is within range you could make a ping-pong effect (sin wave) using the sin function multiplied by some amplitude and the Tick function and set your objects material instance scalar parameter value to that. It would cause the emissive color to increase and decrease in intensity over time. When the player is out of range, set this scalar parameter back to its default value.

You could also use a timeline that loops to get the value for the emissive scalar parameter and turn it on/off when the player is in/out of range.

I’ve used this before and had some problems… here is the self answered question with some set-up info for doing what I just mentioned. It doesn’t have all the info, but you might find it helpful as a reference.

Searching the answer hub and forums for material instance parameters and how to change them dynamically, etc, will also prove to be very helpful.

Hopefully that gets you going =)

P.S.: Saying “Really? No one?” in a bump may be perceived as rude by many. You might have better luck getting a response if you show more research you’ve done since posting or simply being more polite. Not preaching, just saying =)

Thank you!

I would not ask, if I knew the answer already :wink: . Often I’ve found that I have to poke at this hub to get any sort of response and some times none are ever given, so it’s sort of hit and miss. I didn’t ask for a complete solution either. Pointers would do, and you have provided just that. Thanks again :slight_smile:

No problem. If you get stuck just holler and I’ll try to help you through. =)