Make objects hover up and down

I’ve done what’s in this video in C++, but now I’m trying to do it in Blueprint. It’s been a little while since I’ve touched UE4, so my Blueprint is a bit rusty. Sounds like it should be simple, but I can’t seem to find any tutorial on how to do it. I know how to make the object rotate, but I cant get it to bob up and down.


A little video (no sound) I made to demonstrate a possible way. I hope it somehow gives you a nudge into the right direction :).

Yes, thank you! I probably should’ve been able to figure some of that out, but I just couldn’t remember.

Thanks a lot.

EDIT: So this works fine in 4.15, but in 4.16 I don’t see Add Timeline anywhere. Was this replaced by something else?


If you right click and uncheck the box “context sensitive” and then search for the timeline, does it appear?
I can’t imagine EPIC removing this node.

No. These are all the timeline related nodes.



I am sorry that I can’t help any further. I have technical problems with my Epic launcher, so I am not able to download or install the 4.16 version to test it out myself. I didn’t find anything either in the changelog of 4.16, which would remotely say something about the removal of the timeline node. Might be a bug maybe in the engine? But these are all assumptions. Intead, I will give you two different methods to do it. The first one has only the caveat of moving one component at a time, unless you spawn multiple of these nodes.
The second one uses an inbuilt “Interp to” component, which essentially interpolates between two points all the time. I made two different videos for each of these methods. I didn’t want to return empty handed :).

Move component to:

Interp to movement component:

Hope this atleast gives you some options :).

Are you trying to set this up in the construction script? I don’t think anything time-related (delays, timelines, etc) work there since the construction script only executes once, before the game starts.