Make objects 'Flammable' - Destroy when hit with Fireball

I currently have a set of blueprints set up so that a player can absorb fire power which activates the ability to throw a fireball. This all works. You go up to Fire_Source, you press E, ‘Fire_Power is enabled’. Left clicking sends a fireball out to the location you are looking. When it hits something, the fireball projectile is destroyed and a small explosion goes off. Good stuff.

What I now need to do is, when the fireball hits something… I want it to talk to the thing it has hit. I want it to essentially say "If you are ‘Flammable’ … set on fire and then destroy’.

I want ‘Flammable’ to be a tag/attribute I can just throw on anything so that I can modularly apply it to anything and it will work. Is this possible?

If you need any extra details let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

I would set up a generic class that inherits actor where you can set all the game specific variables that you want (Is flammable or fireproof etc) Then derive all your other actors from that class. You can do the same for pawns/characters as well.

When you then get a hit event for your fireball you can cast the hit actor to your new base actor class and check if it is flammable from there and add your fire particles systems, deal damage over time or whatever else you had in mind.

Hope that helps.