Make object rotate during cinematic

Hi , thank you for your reply!
So your suggestion is to keyframe animation by hand in the sequencer? There no way to make it more automatically?

I fixed with a vertex animation, this may be helpful to someone!


Hello everybody, thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Very quickly, I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on how to create a blueprint an make an object rotate but this is only worth in game mode (dunno if it’s the actual name, to be clear : when I hit play).

I want to create a cinematic sequence, like a turntable showing off a prop in my scene, so I need it to rotate while cinematic camera is recording. Is there a way to sort it out?

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Hello MarcoPetro,

This is possible, check out the sequencer: Sequencer Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation

A few ways amongst the many:

  • Animation as you did.
  • Level blueprint rotation over time for the asset.
  • Asset blueprint rotation.
  • Sequencer rotation.

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Ok I’ll try to explain what happened to me, so this can be useful to somebody else.
Once again, I needed to have an object rotate for a cinematic sequence and , I may be wrong, but in my experience is not possibile to record a cinematic sequence at runtime (even if this sounds crazy, I couldn’t figure out how to do it), so I wasn’t able to use any kind of blueprint (as they only work at runtime).
Vertex animation I posted is working, but it’s like a fake rotation, so lighting is not updating as the object spins (of course I set the object and lights as movable).
So the solution for me was to animate the object via sequencer, putting keyframe on rotation.

I really hope that there are some smarter solutions to this problem, if somebody knows how to do it better, please could write it down?
Thank you :slight_smile: