Make object invisible?


  1. How can i make a material that makes a mesh invisible? & if another object is colliding/overlapping with the mesh, the part if that mesh should also get invisible then
  • I tried this UE4 Object Mask l Unreal Engine 4.26 (Tutorial) - YouTube & it’s not usefull since it uses box or sphere mask and i want to cover the mesh itself
  • Is it also possible to only select certain objects in the scene to be invsible if the mesh of the material is overlapping/collidion? Also not an expert with material, barely know anything about it, but isn’t it possible with some use of custom stencil to specificy certain object to get invissible?

You could try using DepthFade but I’ve seen some people state that it isn’t the “invisible” effect they want.

You could try working with just custom depth and stencils. But would probably not get you the result you want as stencils exist in a buffer. This also comes with implications for all of the materials that will need to be made invisible in your project.

I am not a material expert but, overall, this a somewhat difficult problem.

The problem with only using stencils is that you would effect everything that the stencil overlaps on your screen. Not just what your mesh is overlapping. If your project is 2D it would work great.

You could also try using the world position of your material and determine what parts are intersecting with your “invisibility mesh”.

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I appricate the information but i have 0 knowledge on material so undestanding this is like butter on wood…

Im still looking for help & im willing to pay
Would appricatre so so mutch <3