Make object attatched to bone not collide with pawn, but everything else

What exactly are you trying to achieve? What’s the expected interaction between the cube, player and the world?

Hello! I’m trying to get a cube attatched to one of my pawn’s bones to collide with the world, atleast until i program in enemies. However, at present, everything i’ve tried has either ended up with the pawn colliding with itself and flying into space, or not colliding with anything. What should I change to get this intended result?

The player holds the cube in a bone on his hand like a weapon, and the cube and the player don’t interact. However, the cube and the world should interact. So basically trying to stop the player and cube colliding, while retaining the ability to have the cube interact with the world, or another object.

I think i found the issue. The way im attaching the cube is through attach to component, which never has any collision, and when I try attach to actor it fails to spawn at all. How would i fix this?