Make NPC reactivate movement when it ends overlap with actor

Hey, I made a 2D NPC that uses InterpToMovement to move troughout a few control points. I’ve made him stop when he overlaps, but can’t make him move again when the overlap ends. I attach a screenshot of it (getting it from the same branch doesn’t work either btw) so maybe you can tell what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks beforehand!
P.S: If I found the way to do it before someone answers I’ll post it here :slight_smile:

make a boolean BIsOverlapping when he overlaps make it true if not make it false, and put a branch on your movement system and if false overlapping he walks normal but if true have it do what ever. Stop moving or chase player

@HuoCrazeh How can I change the value of that boolean according to the overlap? (can’t find a way to relate that boolean to the overlap) / I couldn’t find a way to link the branch to the InterpToMovement different than in the screenshot ; sorry if I understood you poorly e.e" I’ll keep trying to figure it out :slight_smile:


Or might be my poor explaining. Been a bit since I used blueprints I lost my pc :frowning:

Try not deactivate try going into your interp movement and set a branch for a Boolean that gets set true if overlapped and false if not